[ARTIKEL] Saran Mendadak Hyuna 4minute, “Berdiri di panggung sebagai anggota D-UNIT”

D-UNIT dan Hyuna 4minute telah mengungkapkan sebuah bukti gambar. ave
revealed a proof shot.
The representative from D-UNIT company
has released a proof shot of the members
with 4minute Hyuna through a media
According to the company, despite having
a schedule, Hyuna waited for D-UNIT and
took a picture with them. They explained,
“It’s not a proof shot that just show a
pure hoobae and sunbae meet up, but a
proof shot of (Hyuna) being a fan of D-
Hyuna revealed, “Must watch D-UNIT’s
broadcast. If there’s this opportunity, I
would want to do it with D-UNIT
members.” D-UNIT followed by, “If we
have the chance to do it with world star
Hyuna, we think it will be good”, while
showing their uncontrollable happiness.
Representatives from D-UNIT and
4minute commented, “If the date and
concept match, it’s not something
impossible”, expressing a possibility of a
collaboration stage.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Newsen


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